Two scabs who can’t stay apart – Tommy Lee has revealed exclusively to Rolling Stone that he and Pamela Anderson are back together. She’s moved into the house with their sons and they’re trying to make it work… again. Kinda romantic, I guess. That after all these years, the drugs and the gangbangs on both sides, these two remain drawn to each other like flies to sh*t. 

Having said that, as is usually the case in Hollywood, the timing is curious and convenient. Pam of course is currently shooting her new reality show. Documenting their reconciliation must have been quite a coup for the E! network and a relief too - it’s probably the only thing they can air. Because if the cameras are truly following her around and shooting everything, much of the night time footage won’t see the light of day. Surely it wouldn’t shock you to learn that this skankbot’s extracurricular activities are closer to Cops than they are to Oprah, right? 

Not the most responsible behaviour for a mother and certainly not the most responsible behaviour for someone whose body should be better protected on the inside. 

Here’s Pam last night in Germany, probably hired to attend yet another millionaire party and show off her tits for a bargain basement $100K. File photo of Pam and Tommy also attached. 

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