Filthy Scab touch-up

Lainey Posted by Lainey at March 30, 2009 13:34:22 March 30, 2009 13:34:22

Because that face, that face has been busted for a while. Rough and hard and nailed too many times. Can you blame the Filthy Scab for getting a touch up? A nip there, a tuck here, several shots all over…

She’s DEFINITELY had some work done. And it’s not just the fringe. The eyes look especially fresh, non? Too bad you can’t face-lift a vagina. Or can you? Brazil is making such long strides in plastic surgery these days, I cannot keep up. Having said that, even the brilliance of the Brazilians probably couldn’t save Filthy’s. Especially not…

The Nose?

It’s the downside of getting freshly pulled. Like curtains opened to reveal something sunken. Sunken like Kate Moss. You know what they say about Kate Moss’s nose and why. Filthy Scab’s nose is not too far behind. And for the same reason.

Filthy is collaborating with Richie Rich on something fashion-related. Here they are in Miami to promote it on Friday night. People were all excited and clapping and sh-t. This is why people suck. Because they cheer when they see her at hockey games on the big screen tolo. Or when they find out she’s at a restaurant they insist on going inside upstairs to say hello and a photo.

Even for Tori f-cking Spelling. Recently heard about a woman who had to meet her in Calgary. A wealthy, well connected woman made a point of introducing herself to Tori Spelling. Just because Tori Spelling is famous. You couldn’t get me to meet Tori Spelling if you offered to pay my mortgage.

I hate people.

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