Famous Moms & Sons: Pamela Anderson edition

Lainey Posted by Lainey at February 11, 2016 22:12:27 February 11, 2016 22:12:27

Also from the Saint Laurent event last night - Pamela Anderson with her sons Brandon and Dylan. Father, obviously, is Tommy Lee.

How f-cking old am I that Pam's kids are, practically, proper adults? I was a first generation viewer of her sex tape! I'm saying this like someone in the 60s would say they went to Woodstock!

Not only are they all grown now but one of them, Dylan, is also modelling for Saint Laurent. Which means they've made him look hot. Like that's the reaction I'm supposed to have.


What a day to be alive 😝

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@hedislimaneworld @hedislimane @ysl first shoot ever. Is it time to do more?

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Beach boy! @hedislimane

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Playing guitar and what not @hedislimane

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There is an entire generation of celebrity offspring right now who all have one more thing in common other than being rich and privileged and spoiled. So many of them have parents with sex tapes. And in those circles it won't be embarrassing. It's like their equivalent of civilian kids being all like, "oh yeah my parents smoked weed in high school". Actually no. What am I saying? Civilian kids will experience this too.

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