By Hollywood standards, Pamela Anderson is not stinking rich. In fact, she’s probably closer to broke ass. This is why Canada’s filthiest scab has to resort to hiring herself out to parties for a paltry $100K.

$100K is a lot of money for us… it’s chump change for them. But do it she must – this is the most she was born to do. She’s achieved Top Thetan status for whores.

So Pam was in Montreal, paid to promote a party the other night. She was supposed to stop for press, do a few interviews, properly publicise the venue. But Pam didn’t feel like it. Pam apparently didn’t think it was necessary and virtually ignored the media waiting for her and rushed inside, propping her tits up on a table, blithely playing with her hair the entire evening.

As you would expect, people are ragging on her trash ass for blowing off her responsibilities. In Pam’s defense however… look what she wore. Pam wore white. A flimsy short shirt with a belt that guaranteed major nipple see-through as the flashbulbs went off.

Now that is no accident.

She let her tits do the talking. And when you sign up for Pamela Anderson, isn’t that essentially all you want?

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