Pam Anderson filed for divorce on Friday from Rick Salomon just after telling the world they f&ck all the time and that she’s the happiest she’s ever been.

I can’t imagine anyone is surprised. Even less shocking – she’s also requested spousal support. And she wants him to pay her legal fees. Seriously… is she poor? Is this the only way she can make money? By swindling some douchebag into marrying her and then splitting as soon as possible?

Get ready for more lies, by the way. For sure she’ll come out on her website with a personal note to her fans, moaning and groaning about how she was mistreated, and how she is and always will be a good mother to her boys.

Do good mothers get blitzed off their trees? And will that magic loser Criss Angel be her next husband?

He was groping her quite openly last week in Vegas – see attached. Look at that face. Over 40 and she still wants to gangbang. And the Canadian press is constantly giving her a free ride…


Can we trade her?

photos from Splash