Style recipe for long lasting love: Pamela Anderson married Rick Salomon this weekend in Vegas wearing – shocker!!! – not a white bikini but a white denim Valentino dress. All class, baby… all class.

This is, of course, Pam’s third time down the aisle. And her third time down the aisle with a lovely respectable man. Rick happens to be such a winner he not only f&cked Hollywood Ebola, he also profited from it which means that all of Pam’s purchases and everything about Pam’s new life with her new love has been founded upon the poisonous black hole wasteland between Paris Hilton’s legs.

And now Pam is exposing her two children, who already had to endure Kid Rock, to another man with a dirty past, to say nothing of whatever habits she and her new husband share together.

Britney isn’t the only sh-tty mother you know. Just sayin’…