Pam Anderson has been in Vancouver the last few days; it hasn’t exactly been a quiet trip home. 

Here she is with former football player Mitch Berger and his big ass Super Bowl ring. They spent most of the day at his apartment yesterday. At around 11am, he picked up a few bottles of wine and some strawberries. Both were well lubricated by the time they emerged well after 4pm when he drove her back to her hotel. She went upstairs, presumably to change or whatever while he waited for her downstairs. After half an hour, and still no Pam, Berger hit up a convenience store across the street for some breath mints. Two sources who saw him inside the store say it sounded like he was pretty hammered. He then went back into the lobby of the hotel to see if Pam was ready. Apparently there was no answer when he tried calling her. So he pleaded with hotel staff to contact her, claiming that she had promised him she’d come back downstairs to continue hanging out. Finally, after telling them that he was worried about her, they went up to check on her, eventually coming back down with the news that she’d passed out. A disappointed Berger left alone. 

Imagine the damage Pam and Demi Moore could do together?