Some people like Granny Freeze and Halle too, they try forever to get pregnant. Want desperately to get pregnant. And should get pregnant. But oftentimes can’t.

And then there’s white trash. White Trash is prolific. White Trash progeny is everywhere. White Trash Pam and Britney and the rest – like the cockroaches of Hollywood, dragging their eggs around, dropping them randomly. Did you know a cockroach can spawn 300 or 400 cockroaches in a one year lifespan??? (am currently the queen of all useless knowledge, studying for a quiz show in 2 weeks!)

But I digress.

The point is Pamela Anderson is reportedly pregnant with Rick Salomon’s child and supposedly says she is having it without him. Despite claiming the exclusive, she has denied this on her website. But Rick says she’s f&cked up because she’s hormonal and unbalanced which is curiously what Kid Rock said about her a few months ago: that that bitch is crazy.

If memory serves, she got lubed up pretty good when she miscarried Kid’s baby last year, just before announcing she was leaving him. He then went on to accuse her of lying about a miscarriage and insinuating that the baby was “lost” in some other fashion. Dot dot dot.

She was also rumoured to be partying pretty hard last week in Vancouver. Word is she looked cranked off her tree…

But that’s the thing about cockroaches, non? They’re resilient. They can withstand even radiation. So what’s a little alcohol or a few lines of coke? Bet your fake tits if she’s pregnant, the child will come out healthy as … a cockroach.

And bet your fake tits the Canadian media, yet again, will fail to point out the skank factor behind this latest development. Because for some reason, we have to be kind to our stars.



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