It’s a lesson for anyone stupid enough to invest in this Canadian piece of sh*t: Pamela Anderson is a waste of money. She’s good for a naked spread, she’s good for an annual Playboy cover, and maybe a calendar – common aids for masturbation… period. Even hiring her for a party is like pissing away a fortune.

So a reality show about her life as a “Girl on the Loose”? No one cared. They cared even LESS than they did about Denise Richards and the Lohan trainwrecks.

Filthy scabs will lie, but numbers never do.

Ratings for Pam’s debut came in 27% less than her aforementioned peers. And why? Well, probably because she chose to whitewash her life. And who is stupid enough to believe that Pam doesn’t use drugs, is a responsible mother, and actually spends any time off her back?

They wanted the truth. They wanted a gang bang. And since the cameras weren’t allowed to shoot that, the viewers turned away. Don’t blame them.

This is Pam leaving Vancouver yesterday after engaging in some kind of chicken drama at a local KFC.

Photo exclusive from PUNKD Images