By celebrity standards, Pamela Anderson must be poor. Poor and tacky – a terrible combination. Too bad she’s still a Canadian. 

Yes. She’s an American now too, after having received official citizenship, but she was born in Canada. She plans one day to return to and retire in Canada. Which means ugh we Canadians are not rid of her skanky stank. 

And now she’s selling her stank. 

E! Online is reporting that Pamela is clearing out her Malibu house and is putting “5,000 square feet of beautiful vintage country French furniture” up for grabs at an estate sale. Just like Tori Spelling. Who was so f&cking ghetto she actually tried to sell off her used lipstick for a dollar.


Tori and Junior, not surprisingly, did NOT choose to donate the proceeds to charity. Of course not.

The question is… will Pam? 

Possible…but doubtful. Rumour has it she’s broke ass. In Hollywood terms, that is. They live a certain lifestyle that requires a certain income. This is why she keeps taking on gigs to peel off her clothes in Europe. Wonder if they throw in an extra few grand if she’ll agree to get ganged in the back room afterwards? Desperate times call for desperate measures. 

So if you have some extra cash to throw around, check out Pam’s estate sale here

Attached – Pam at the White House correspondents’ dinner last weekend. She’s still workin’ the dark lipliner, light lip look from 1992.