Pamela Anderson, poster skank of white trash, returned home to British Columbia this week without Rick Salomon. First she hit up Whistler with her parents and her kids intent on some family time. Then on Thursday she left her boys with her folks and hooked up with a notorious hard party wealthy crowd in Vancouver for the hockey game. Pam the model mom!

She sat in one of the boxes and preened incessantly for the cameras whenever they flashed her on the big screen. Pam’s preening consists of fluffing her hair, swinging it from side to side all horny and sh*t, and jumping up and down so her massive tits salute the crowd.

Bitch looked rough. And why not? You live hard, you pay the price. Remember, Pam has Hep C. And still she can supposedly get looped off her tree with the best of ‘em. Even though she says her children are her priority, even though she claims to have it together, the “happy” is still always free flowing and free blowing.

But of course, because Canadians HAVE to support Canadians no matter how dirty they are, no matter how much they suck, for some reason the media in this country fails to point out the obvious – she’s our Britney Spears.

As for Pam’s relationship with Rick Salomon – officially over. Us Weekly is reporting she served him with divorce papers and my sources say he was spotted packing up his sh*t and clearing out of the house yesterday. A little over 2 months after their wedding, after she declared she was more in love than ever, Pam and Rick are done.


Shocking that she couldn’t make it work with a dude who f*cked Paris Hilton and benefited from the sale of the sex tape. Shocking that she was reckless enough to introduce this man to her boys only to eject him from her life so soon.

As for why the marriage broke down – is that really a mystery? He’s a sleaze and she’s batsh*t f&cking crazy. Period. The End.

So who’s next?

Hopefully Sean Avery. The most hated player in the NHL, a Canadian douchebag for the ages, and Canada’s gangbanged silicone trainwreck…

A perfect couple, non?

Attached – Pam and Rick exiting a club at 5:30am just before Christmas after endeavouring to work things out. She is the picture of responsible parenting, isn’t she?

Photos from Splash