Twice a week, I’m on CTV local news in Vancouver for a 2 minute entertainment hit. Almost exactly a year ago, while reporting on Pamela Anderson, I referred to her as white trash. Some people actually complained.

So here’s the Pam at Art Basel in Miami this weekend, showing up at an exhibit without pants. She proceeded at one point to straddle a table, bending over to give photographers and fans a great shot of her ass, let an old man grope her, pretended to make love to a massive painting of what looked like herself on a wall, and then could be heard panting throughout her visit that “I want to buy something but I don’t have any money. I’m broke.” 

Fact: she’s white. 
Fact: she’s trash.

And still we Canadians, we MUST defend Canadians. Even this kind. 

As for why she decided to wear nothing but her undies out in public – aside from the obvious, there’s apparently an esoteric point to this that the rest of us must be too uncultured and/or dumb to understand. Dave LaChapelle was with her. Must mean it’s art, right? Pam is arty? 


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