It was announced the other day that Big Brother Australia is bringing in Pamela Anderson for a special appearance on the new season. Since she can’t act, and isn’t good for much else but taking off her clothes, this has become her career. She hired to show up randomly just to push her tits together and breathe a few words. The problem is, half the time she can’t even do that.

Couple weeks ago Pam was paid $100K to show up in Montreal during Grand Prix weekend and do this thing at a club. My sources say that the terms of the contract stipulated that she was supposed to work the carpet for 30 minutes with the press then make her way inside for some exclusive interviews.

Several outlets showed up, even CNN (???) and Pam, per usual, pulls up over an hour late, “happier” than ever, steps onto the carpet, rushes down to the end of the carpet, poses for photos, and then is overheard cussing up a storm.

“What the f&ck is going on here?”

At this point, photographers say she was reminded that she was committed according to the terms of her contract to engage the media. 

Pam’s like – No. I don’t feel like it. If I don’t want to do something, I don’t have to do it…then proceeds to duck inside the club, leaving the media with nothing. She made her way into the private room, word is she complained it was too small, and walked out on the exclusive interviews too. 

The press was not impressed. Montreal media eviscerated her the next day and rumour has it, her managers were scrambling, calling anyone they could to issue a retraction to protect their client. Most of them told her to jump up their asses.

And this is now what Big Brother Australia has hired.

This is also what Canada is so proud of.

Here she is last week auctioning off her car. And yes… taking off her clothes.

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