Here she is, the pride of this great nation, once again illustrating why she deserves Canada’s affection and support. A quick recap, just to keep things straight:

- Pam and Rick get married in October
- Pam files for divorce in December on a Friday. By that Sunday she’s changed her mind.
- Pam and Rick party hardcore, Pam is seen looking cranked leaving a Hollywood club
- by New Year’s Pam is once again alone. Comes home to Vancouver without him, gets good and lubed on the local bar scene, asks him to move his sh*t out, and goes ahead with the divorce
- pregnancy rumours start swirling…she denies them
- last weekend they’re cuddling up (as attached) at her son’s baseball game. AT HER SON’S BASEBALL game. Meaning her children are now watching her back and forth with Paris Hilton’s ex lover.

And now… just 5 days after this photo was taken, Pam is reportedly yet again calling for a divorce, even though, despite her denials, she is still supposedly pregnant. However, speculation about a pending abortion is now running rampant. very subtly hints at Pam’s plans: Pam was carrying Rick"s baby, at least as of earlier this week and that juicy bit, combined with Perez"s latest blind item, is leading many to believe that Pam will pull what my sources allege she pulled last year when she was pregnant with Kid Rock’s baby. At the time, she claimed it was a miscarriage but even Kid Rock raised the possibility – that she’s such a f&cking liar, it wasn’t so much of a miscarriage as a voluntary procedure. Allegedly.

All this and the best part? As I mentioned last week, I called this piece of sh*t a piece of white trash on the news in Vancouver a few weeks ago …and Canadians actually called in to defend her. WTF???

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