Vivienne Westwood showed in Paris today and sent Pam Anderson down her runway in her clothing. Apparently during rehearsal Pam was wearing a loose t-shirt with no bra and her tit popped out. Shocking.

Unfortunately or fortunately, depending how you see it, Vivienne’s clothes did not offer such opportunity and this is why Scabs is as covered up as you’ve seen her, maybe ever. Remember the last time she was on a runway? She sucked up all the class in the world that day. 

So anyway, the pride of Canada has been looking slightly rounder lately. She has a new boyfriend. She met him 5 minutes ago. In a trailer park or something, for reals. Obviously they’ll get married soon. And she’ll get knocked up. And 30 seconds after that they’ll divorce. And she’ll lose the baby somehow. And deny deny deny. 

It’s a once a year occurrence for her, usually. With Tommy and Kid Rock and that Salomon person she married last: f-ck, get married, f-ck, get pregnant, stop f-cking, abort, find new man, rinse and repeat.

Just one of the many admirable reasons she received her very own star on Canada’s Walk of Fame. Oh Canada, our home and native land.

UPDATE: Never mind! Good old Pam! She did manage to slip out her nipple during the actual show - yay! True patriot love. 

Photos from Flynet and ELIOT PRESS/