Scabby’s allnighter bloat

Lainey Posted by Lainey at October 28, 2009 12:45:37 October 28, 2009 12:45:37

Scabby was out last night in London wearing a pink dress and Lindsay Lohan’s busted face. In fairness to Scabby, she’s like 40 plus. When you factor in all the gangrushes on her ass, it’s understandable the way she looks. Lilo at 23 is a f-cking crime.

But how much class is Pam? Those long tacky ass silver fake nails and a dress that might as well cost less than my sandwich – and the worst part is, some bitches actually call this a style inspiration. For reals. There’s a broad who’s been spamming me lately to promote her website where she broadcasts the fact that “I like it when you look at my boobies!”

So anyway, the scabbed pride of Canada was right back at it today, likely not sleeping much before throwing on a tight dress and heading out. This must be why she’s workin’ some bloat around the belly. I’m the same way. If I drink the night before, or eat too much fried rice, and sleep only an hour or two, my sh-t is engorged too.

Still…trash is very, very fertile. I suppose it’s not impossible that Scabby’s carrying more in there than leftover tequila shots. After all, it allegedly happens once a year. And then as quickly as it comes, quickly again it goes. With Kid Rock, with Rick Salomon, with the dude who pumped her gas last week…? She partied last night with some dude who makes commercials for Doritos in the UK. He’s a stud, non?

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