B.I.C vs the other babies

Lainey Posted by Lainey at January 10, 2012 16:59:26 January 10, 2012 16:59:26
When Blue Ivy descended from heaven out of Beysus’s womb the other night, everyone else was expected to shut down their lives. Including, allegedly, other parents of other babies...

According to Roz and Neil Coulon, whose premature twin girls were born at Lenox Hill Hospital, the B.I.C.’s arrival meant that their visitation schedule had to be modified to accommodate our new Lord and Saviour.

And they’re taking their case to the press.

The Coulons called into a DC radio station to present their case. (Is this how we fight back against celebrities now?) I’ve embedded the audio below, but here’s a summary of their claims:

-security cameras were taped over as soon as B & J came in to the hospital.
-security guards blocked them from going down the hall because they said they were “moving hazardous material”. (Like luxury sheets and candles?)
-secret service types were all over the hospital but hospital staff did not warn other families about what was going down
-extended family were turned away from seeing the babies, told that the “floor was on lockdown”, and asked to leave.
-Mrs Coulon asked if the President was in the hospital and the security guard said Yes. (Obviously.)  
-Mrs Coulon was told by a nurse that the Blue Ivy crew took over the whole floor
-Mr Coulon says it felt like they were “being detained” to a different floor than the one their babies were on
-one of the nurses supposedly told the Blue Ivy bodyguards that they had no right to treat other patients the way they were being treated
-the Coulons are considering pressing charges.

And my favourite, favourite part...

-the Coulons note that the Blue Ivy security team wore badges that said “SPECIAL EVENT”


Lenox Hill Hospital became a nightclub on January 7, 2012. The Coulons were not on the guest list.

Audio is below. Please let this stink get bigger and bigger. If what they’re saying is true, please let this stink get so stank, they have to hold the B.I.C. up in the air out the sunroof of an SUV upon arrival at the Grammys like Simba in the Lion King as an attempt to publicity stunt their way out of this mess.


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