This Friday is getting better and better. THE BEST!

Paris handcuffed and thrown into a cruiser, bawling her sh-t out as she"s taken down the the courthouse wearing scruffies. Do you love it, or do you LOVE it?

Ever the attention whore, the little skank had to turn to the window to make sure her blubbering was caught on camera, underscoring why she is so universally vilified: if she was so embarrassed, why not duck underneath? Why not turn away?

Ramming home that victim card right up her ass.


Needless to say, her case will be based on full pity. Poor Paris, poor Paris needs to stay home. Poor Paris can"t handle prison.

Proceedings still underway...will keep you posted.

PS. Heard the most amazing tidbit today. So you know when you have a WireImage account, or any account with a photo agency, apparently they log how many times you log on to check photos.

Paris"s online photo agency activity is supposedly legendary. And always at the crack of dawn - 4am or 5am when she gets back from a night out on the club scene after being snapped by pappies, she goes right in to check herself out.

Funniest thing ever. Aside from the fact that she wore a scrunchie behind bars of course.

June 8th is a good day.