SO revolting…have you ever seen anything so revolting? Hollywood Ebola facing temporary vaccination, facing 45 days behind bars, doing whatever she can to escape that fate, and now resorting to exploiting her pets, those poor poor pets subjected to a lifetime of captivity with the skankest ho in Hollwood – there really is no bottom when it comes to Paris Hilton, non?

Here she is, juggling three dogs – accessories to be toted out whenever convenient and then ignored the rest of the time, deprived of genuine love and affection that comes with a real animal lover instead of the part-time convenient caring that comes with being owned by Hollywood’s most frivolous beast.

Honestly, as a pet owner myself, being that it’s my only soft spot, I look at those little faces and – totally corny I know – I have to cry a little. Can you imagine? Can you imagine having to live with that sh-t?

Look at them! Help them!