Hollywood Ebola with Larry King – the most anticlimactic hour long interview, like, ever. Except of course when she tried to fellate him right off the top…that was enjoyable. And then the lies – the lies about drugs, the lies about the Bible. Good for a few chuckles but only just a few.


Because as evil is she is, as black her heart beating through that diseased body, Paris Hilton is also excruciatingly boring. BORING. Zero charisma. No sass, no spark, no je ne sais quoi. And as is always the case with girls who know they have nothing else to offer, Paris Hilton opened with her tried and true opening movie: a blow job.

Larry asks her why she’s doing this, why she’s speaking out about her experience and agreeing to be interviewed and she completely skirts the answer by telling him he’s an “icon” and it’s an honour for her to be on his show.

I’m telling you, figuratively that slut was on her knees rubbing sucking and tugging. And of course, being the geriatric windbag that he is, Larry bought every lick and lolly, setting a softer tone the rest of the way out with a series of inane questions that merited even more inane answers for the better part of 60 minutes.

Like seriously…who the f&ck cares what she ate??? And if you’re going to focus on her fan mail, about how loving and positive her letters were, why not let in one scathing piece of correspondence for the sake of objectivity? Why not actually do your job as an interviewer and explore an answer with a question relevant to her answer?

Case in point:

Paris on Paris: “And I also felt like this was a new beginning for me, just being in jail -- and I just used it as a journey to figure out myself and who I am and what I want to do. And there"s -- there"s just so much more to me than what people think.”

To which Larry replied: “The writing helped?”

The writing??? From a girl who can’t spell RECEIVE???


If he still had some salt in those old balls, if he still had any sense of true journalistic curiosity, Larry would have taken it in this direction:

“You say there’s more to you than what people think. Well let’s talk about that Paris, because our CNN poll is reflecting so far that 63% think you actually were treated fairly. That’s what we call a majority, dear. And even though you receive many fan letters, it is an indisputable fact that you are also very, very unpopular. Didn’t you in some way invite the hate? And now that God is your new boyfriend, how do you plan to turn that hate around?”

But instead he asked about her writing!!!

Weak. SO weak.

Seriously gossips…why call it CNN if it’s going to be a fluff piece? Is CNN now all about the fluff?

And finally… the drugs. Larry asked her if she’d ever used drugs and that twat and her wonky eye straight up lied! LIED.

N-O. Never.

Oh really? Several photographs already snapped of her dragging on a joint, to say nothing of the photos and videos taken from her storage locker and posted on parisexposed.com that show Paris hanging with the jetset with copious amounts of coke at their disposal – one dude had a mountain of it spread all over his chest…you remember? Did you see the clip of her saying to camera how “coked up” she and her posse were about to get?

And we’re expected to believe that Paris sodding Hilton, Paris Hilton had the moral fortitude time and again to resist that kind of temptation???

Liar… please!!!

No secret in LA – bitch is s a notorious cokehead and her mystery illness was believed by most insiders to be severe withdrawal…not from makeup but from blow.

But can you believe Larry let that sh-t slide???

Larry King… the most trusted name in bull-f*cking-sh-t, that’s what.

As for the future of Hollywood Ebola… as I’ve already foretold… she is already stronger. Her virus has raged back, mutating into a strain even deadlier than before.

It will never die.

Here’s Paris in Hawaii yesterday off for a few days of sun and rest before getting back to “work”. I guess those plans to help women in prison weren’t so urgent after all?

By the way – supposedly she was trying to go unnoticed. Which of course accounts for the full face of foundation and the big straw hat on top of an all white ensemble. Very inconspicuous.

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