“Stable” condition? Oh please. So Hollywood Ebola has ADD and is claustrophobic. The way they’re talking it’s like none of the other inmates have suffered any worse. But still it warrants VIP treatment and coddling, conveniently from some power player who may or may not have received financial favours from her grandfather…

And still the sympathy train continues: Poor Paris is deteriorating, poor Paris is on the verge of a nervous breakdown…who the hell is buying this sh-t???

How about Poor Paris just needs a double bump? A line of coke and a c*ck come next week, when she gets out, and all will be right again. Worry not.

In the meantime, the comeback is full on. A new animated series being developed by Stan Lee featuring the likeness of Ebola in the title role. Vermin and virus will live forever.

So just to make you feel better, my two favourite photos of all time. CAUTION: NOT SAFE FOR WORK!