Changed, reformed, repentant? Hardly.

The bible clutching, the white wardrobe, the self help books, the introspection – all a ruse designed to reposition Paris Hilton as her virus mutates into another form. Which is why prison and everything leading up to prison was so enjoyable while it lasted.

Said it before and I’ll say it again - Hollywood Ebola can’t be killed. Instead, she’s said to be negotiating her first post-prison interview – some say Barbara Walters has already signed on, I hear from my sources that Diane Sawyer is in the running too. Ratings always trump Right. Everyone’s a hypocrite, see?

As for those who have suddenly softed over that slag as a result of Sarah Silverman and the jailhouse tears…don’t forget the words of Tina Fey. If there is anyone beyond reproach it is Tina Fey. If there is any woman deserving of respect and chick solidarity, it is Tina Fey.

And you will recall – Tina Fey openly called Paris Hilton A PIECE OF sh-t.

Always stand by Tina Fey.