Please, Goddess…please…NO… Britney not only became acquainted with Mario Lopez this weekend – turns out she bonded over ghetto weave with Hollywood Ebola herself , hanging out at Tao for part of the evening and sharing ciggies too. That’s the bad news. The good news is that Britney has always looked awkward as ass when she smokes – take it from someone who has the sickness, she’s not a lifer. Also good news? Side by side, Britney is WAY cuter than Paris. Do you love how Paris is eating it up though? Like she’s been validated? Like she knows deep down it’s an honour for her to be able to hang with the newly single Spears? THAT, my fellow gossips, is the expression of a not-so-cool kid who’s been invited by the Prom Queen for a sleepover. So yeah, it sucks that they’re friends…but seeing Paris suck up is kinda satisfying too, non? Source and Source