Very possible, don’t you think? Page Six is reporting that Britney has been advised to purge herself of Hollywood Ebola, warning that her career consequences could be disastrous if she prolongs her friendship with Paris Hilton – quite obviously a tip planted by Camp Spears. But while the two have not be seen together in over a week (though in all fairness, Paris has been in New York with Greek Stav), Paris just defended Britney openly on her MySpace the other day and we all know that bitch is a pretty vengeful virus at the best of times, not hesitating to play dirty, as illustrated in her campaigns against Jessica Simpson, Lindsay Lohan, and even Nicole Richie when they supposedly “broke up”. Worse yet, or better yet, depending on how you look at it: if Paris joins forces with KFed who has an agenda of his own, the resulting catfight would be – let’s face it – the ultimate smut heaven. Is it wrong to hope? Here’s Britney last night out on the town – Forty Deuce this time, nary a nipple or a nubbin in sight. Joy. Source and Source