I f&ckin’ LOVE this! And I LOVE Tina Fey. Tina Fey who wrote the brilliant screenplay for Mean Girls. Tina Fey who is one of the smartiest, funniest, sexiest women in showbiz (my husband would, he definitely would)…Tina Fey just lay the smackdown on Paris Hilton and I am losing my sh-t in delight because she actually CALLED PARIS A PIECE OF sh-t!!! Tina did Howard Stern on Wednesday and she nailed that whore bitch to the wall, revealing that when Paris came on SNL she asked to do a skit about Jessica Simpson because she “hates her” and “she’s fat”. Hee. Then Tina went on to say that the crew had a bet going that week, to see if the incredibly self involved Paris would bother to ask about anyone else, to get to know anyone, to ask them how they were, anything personal about themselves. The furthest she went was to enquire as to whether or not Maya Rudolph was Italian. Dumb slut is apparently dumb as ass too (newsflash!) and PROUD of it, according to Tina, who also revealed that Paris would put in her dressing room and pull out all her blonde “Fraggle” hair like a Barbie. Seriously y’all… Tina. Fey. Rocks. Tina Fey to lead the eradication of Hollywood Ebola? Pray Goddess, let it be so. Source Us Weekly