Hollywood Ebola: Sapphic Strain infects Britney?

Lainey Posted by Lainey at December 4, 2006 12:00:00 December 4, 2006 12:00:00
CAUTION: NOT SAFE FOR WORK! It’s no secret – the lesbian buzz that has surrounded Paris for years. Rumoured to be one of Ted Casablanca’s blind items and now photos of her dyke hotness published by the News of the World – Paris and some MTV chick a couple of years ago engaged in what appears to be some seriously heavy petting and, um, like, I don’t swing that way but…well…Gay Paris is kinda sexy, don’t you think? With a pair of lovely boobs too. Which naturally brings us to Britney. People and Us Weekly both tiptoed around it last week, People Magazine described Paris like a “boyfriend” to Britney, Us Weekly reported on extended trips to the ladies’ room, with the subtle suggestion of Sapphic activity when mentioning Britney’s eventual exit MINUS the tie she was wearing when she went inside. News of the World, however, goes one step further, alleging that the two were NOT locked up in the loo snorting coke, as widely believed last week, but locked up in the loo loving each other the way Plato intended. In other words: Paris f&cked Britney in the bathroom. Do you love it, or do you LOVE it? As for you skeptics out there who find it hard to believe – oh really? Madonna had Sandra Bernhard, she is also rumoured to have had Ingrid Cesares who also, incidentally, was supposed to have made out with Paris one night in Miami… So if it’s good enough for Madge, don’t you think it’s good enough for Britney? A girl raised in the South, child star slave labour through her youth, used and abused by a golddigging loser for 2 years – you don’t think she’d celebrate her freedom by flashing her own pussy and devouring someone else’s? Please. Going gay for a day is EXACTLY what Britney would do. Source

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