Beyond the art of infecting Hollywood with her legendary viral potency or fellating with fervour for the cameras, there are few things that Paris Hilton can contribute to the world of celebrity. We know she can’t act, we know she can’t sing, we KNOW she can’t dance, and please don’t insult me by making me assure you that the bitch certainly can’t write. But although I do not relish the occasion to compliment Paris, I was moved to do so today after watching her impromptu interview with TMZ. So Paris is with her rep Elliott Mintz when she’s stopped by reporter Harvey Levin and asked to address some of the comments that have been left about her on the site’s message board. Surprisingly, Paris not only agrees to answer questions on camera, she also gamely faces up to the horrible but hysterical things that have been written while Harvey listed them off one by one: - "Paris is just an overused human condom" - "Paris is like a fart in a mitten. You know it"s there, you can"t stand it, but you can"t get rid of it" - "Would you please drop over dead or commit suicide you damn slut." Now instead of cutting off the session right then and there, like EVERY OTHER CELEBRITY would have, Paris took it straight up without even flinching. Sure, her answer was lame, and she went on and on about how hurtful it all was, but the point is she answered it. Which almost NEVER happens in Hollywood. Think about it. If you said to Penelope Cruz – “Oh Pene, we just checked our forums and people are saying you’re a beard. Do you care to comment?” – do you think her publicist would let her stick around to give you a denial? Do you think Charlize Theron would humour you if you told her that everyone talks about her bong and how often she uses it? HELL NO! What you do get are the same responses to the same queries – did you like making the movie? How did you get into character? What does this film mean to you? The same thing over and over and over again, day in and day out, which is why I found it rather refreshing that Paris didn’t follow protocol the other day. And, shocking as this may be, there’s a lesson to be learned here, gossips. From none other than Paris Hilton. PS. I’ve also just stabbed out my eye. Source