Well…the police hate her too. Not only because she’s a lying cow but also because she’s so wrapped up in her own imaginary drama that she ties up their phone lines too. “A disproportionate” number of calls coming from her home because she’s being followed, because she’s being harassed, because she wants an audience while she practices her dance routine – none of the reasons warranting further action, all of them requiring diversion on the part of authorities from real matters of pressing concern. But then again… Heather says the police are also part of an elaborate “agenda” against her, that Paul has organized a “powerful system” that is “trying to destroy me and knock me down.” And of course she claims innocence. She says she has not asked for the attention heaped upon her, that she isn’t a “publicity seeker”: I haven’t gone round promoting things to finance my own pockets. Right. Because the allegations of abuse just happened to leak to her advantage. Because she claims Paul made her crawl on her knees to the lav and yet whenever she feels like it she can twirl across the dance floor for 50 million Americans several times a week. Because she’s only weak when it’s about extortion and the strongest healthiest role model for disabled people at all other times. Because she’s not interested and has never been interested in his money. Can you believe her? No seriously… does ANYONE believe her? Anyway, check her out here at a pig farm recently – she broke in to protest. Love how she made sure her makeup was perfect first. Bitch is like Paris Hilton with one leg and an English accent, non? Come to think of it….can’t decide who’s worse: Heather or Paris? Think on that one, gossips. Another DVD coming next week… Clive Owen anyone? Source