Hope you caught my spot on eTalk tonight, dishing on Paris’s Toronto takeover. Let’s do a quick recap here, shall we? Kills me to say this but I’m told she was an absolute star. People went bananas for her. WTF??? On Saturday she went to Gucci and shut the place down. Rumour has it, not even Don Cheadle could get in. DON CHEADLE, gossips! Only one of the most respected OSCAR nominated actors around! Don, honey – you need to get Oprah on that sh*t snap-snap. But I digress. So she goes to Gucci, she goes to Chanel, she arrives at the MMVAs, and sends her “people” to every booth to pick up her freebies, and then she took the time to pose for fan photos. Here are a couple courtesy of my girl Sam who reports that Paris was pleasant and lovely but take that with a grain of salt because Sam is also a 6 carat pink diamond - a flawless gem who will go to the ends of the earth to find the good in everyone. Love you darling but you’re too nice, girl! Anyway, what would a night with Paris be without a hook up? The girl can only be whole when she’s whole, you know you what I mean? And last night, the Goddess sent her a filler in the form of Jose Theodore, former Hab, current Colorado Avalanche, a past Vezina Trophy winner and yes, one of the hottest (looks but not skill) hockey players on the scene. For the benefit of those non-Canadians out there, please note that Jose is pronounced “joe-zay” with a soft “J” and he is a goaltender with a titillating past of his own. Paris met Jose at Ultra and I’m told that before long, they were holding hands and wanting to rub – as you can see from these photos via TMZ. Interestingly enough, if you watched eTalk tonight, we were able to put up a photo from a different angle that clearly shows Jose wearing a red string around his right wrist. Can’t believe the Kab has invaded the NHL too! If you want to watch the clip, click here for the link and look for my name under “Gossip”. There are pictures here that you can’t find anywhere else. As for Paris and Jose? Well, they ended up leaving together and although we don’t have slamdunk confirmation of what happened next, it doesn’t take a Ph.D in gossip to figure out that the Maple Leaf made an appearance in Paris on Sunday night and I guess it’s nice to know that in spite of all the bloodshed in the world right now, Paris Hilton’s cooch is the one place where flags of all nations can find peace and harmony and nothing that a huge muthaf&cking booster shot won’t get rid of. Thanks to my main ’mo JF for the super exclusive scoop!