Both in Malibu, both famewhores, both understand the game, and at the same time both want to outdo the other. You will recall Paris Hilton told Larry King when asked about Lindsay in rehab, she replied: I don’t have any friends in rehab. And yet she showed up yesterday at Lilo’s Fourth of July bash, knowing she’d make a splash of her own and steal away a little of Lindsay’s thunder. After all, Hollywood Ebola is That Girl.

Still…perhaps rehab has hardened the young Firecrotch. Because she certainly appeared to be feeling no pain. Why bother with girl drama when there’s a new boy on the horizon? Some say he’s hot, I say he’s borderline cheese but I do like the way she’s playing it – not paying attention but paying attention, willing him to talk to her even with her back turned, alternating between flirty and cool, every move ripped out of the playbook. Well done.

Also love the red flats. LOVE them. Works well with her cute l’il body.