Pairs in Vegas with new beau James Neate who doesn"t appear to be the jealous type. Getting your horny on for your sidekick apparently isn"t cheating. In case you missed it on eTalk and the CTV News at 5pm last week…some information about Paris"s new filler. He is a model, yes. Now based in NYC, yes. But originally from Canada - North Vancouver, British Columbia to be exact. Father founded the JJ Bean Coffee Company - comes from a nice, wealthy family. A nice, wealthy, VERY CHRISTIAN family, known as a "pipsqueak" back in the day when he had to get the older boys to run booze for him in Grade 10. First contraband, then the evil temptations of the fashion industry, now the pornographic pleasures of Paris Hilton - you think the church elders approve of this one? I"m telling you…this girl is a virus, she"ll never be eradicated. And for some reason, she always saves the best strains for Canada … why is that? My thanks to the always articulate B for the old school tip. Source