Shocker of shockers. Stavros is gone and there is a vacancy inside Paris Hilton. Or maybe there isn"t. Because just 5 minutes after breaking up with Greek #2, Paris was spotted hanging out with Matt Leinart (see attached), newly minted Arizona Cardinal and friend of Nick Lachey. Apparently, Stav strayed with Lindsay Lohan"s cooch while Paris went away which is why she hooked up with Matt and refused to let Stav into her house the other night, leaving him begging for her outside the gates. Meanwhile, Paris"s people are insisting she and the QB are just friends because in her world, being just friends means just down on her knees, which is just as well because with such a promising career in the NFL, Matt Leinart probably doesn’t need a raging case of Paris infection to jeopardise that multi million dollar contract. Besides, something tells me Paris wouldn"t mind fellating a piece of Nick Lachey instead and that might explain the Leinart connection to begin with. Wouldn"t that be something? Paris and Nick Lachey??? Oh please Goddess…let it be so. Because if there"s anyone I can"t stand more than Paris Hilton, it HAS to be Jessica Simpson.