A juicy Paris story surprisingly and largely unnoticed. According to X17 Paris and her entourage were parked in her Hummer across from the Chateau Marmont on Halloween night waiting for Hellenic Stav. Paris was apparently seething with jealousy. The reason: Stav was keeping her waiting by prolonging his final moments inside with Lindsay Lohan. The result: Paris was in hysterics – crying, wailing, screaming into her cellphone…oblivious to the fact that the pappies were lurking, everything was being caught on tape, and the photographers overheard her threaten Stav with the following: -I"m sitting here with a bunch of idiots; I"ve been with them for 3 nights and I"m sick of it! -If you"re not out here in five minutes, we"re not f*cking tonight! -You better get your ass in this car, you f*cking asshole! “We’re not f*cking tonight” ….does that still work when you’ve already given it up for everyone else? I’m obviously lacking in the art of sluttery. And Paris is obviously lacking in the art of self control. Shortly after the outburst, her bodyguard and her driver alerted her to the fact that she was being watched. When Stav finally emerged, she devilishly coaxed the pappy to approach her, luring him with the promise of a special photo, whispering that she had to tell him something, and when he was close enough, she went off the rails – Give me the Motherf*cking tape!!! – before reaching over, grabbing the camera, eventually snapping off the light, and unleashing all her friends onto him to the point where he was threatened enough to turn over the evidence. Hollywood Ebola wins again. Anyway, here are Paris and Nicole at Hyde last night WITH Paris’s publicist – is he ever NOT around??? Am a big fan of Nicole’s new dark extensions. Am not a big fan of P’s label overkill. And forgive me but does that dress make her look like stumpy Jessica Simpson? Just asking… Source X17