You can’t make this sh-t up. Just one night after Lilo’s videotaped accusation of abuse against Paris Hilton and Paris’s publicist’s denial in response, all three tarts hooked up on Sunday night having temporarily buried whatever it was that came between them – c*nts and firecrotches included – all for the benefit of X17 cameras…of course. Bet your boob job this peace won’t last. Bet your boob job Britney will find herself on top of her very own large, rich Greek resulting in a Lilo/Paris/FedEx collaboration until the next reconciliation is planned during February Sweeps on NBC. Do you love it, or do you LOVE it? Come on gossips…don’t try to deny. This smut is bananas…I can’t get enough... But I do wish Britney could find some new clothes. This is the same dress she wore on Letterman 3 weeks ago signaling the end of the Federline Era. Like, seriously…WTF??? X17