Thanks to several astute readers including Michelle T for pointing out that the icky looking fella groping Paris Hilton in Vegas this weekend is none other than Cris Angel who, five minutes ago, was dating Minnie Driver – photos from Perezzle. Yet another victim, next another unsuspecting girlfriend scorned by Paris and her flapping lips, ever ready for a new visitor. This time though, I wonder if she’s wronged the wrong woman. Minnie Driver looks like she can throw down. Minnie Driver won’t take this sh-t lightly. And despite the classy British accent, Minnie Driver smells a little ghetto, especially when some heiress whore swoops in on her territory. After all, this is the same Minnie Driver who refused to kowtow to Barbra Streisand. How much you wanna bet, if she had the opportunity, she would bitch slap the stink right out of Paris Hilton? Don’t know about you but I’d pay $100 to see this on PPV. You? Source