Unlike the endless train of screw-up stars seeking “treatment” for a quick PR fix, Paris Hilton will not be heading to “Rehab”. She is however moving legally to shut down ParisExposed.com, claiming a violation of privacy and – most importantly – a threat to her personal safety, suggesting that the website opens up the possibility of fraud and stalking. Paris also says that a moving company was responsible for the storages fees – fees that went unpaid which resulted in her belongings being sold and disseminated for public consumption. Her official statement: "I was appalled to learn that people are exploiting my and my sisters" (sic) private personal belongings for commercial gain”. Seriously…how much more of this can you take? Not the protestations but the f*cking errors – isn’t it a publicist’s JOB to read over a statement? Between Lindsay’s written diarrhea and Paris’s repeated raping of the English language, and Kevin Federline’s moron of a rep (Michael Sands) releasing asinine details of his client’s grammatically affected WARDROBE to the media on the occasion of him going out for dinner and being greeted by a whopping 2 journalists while leaving, Young Hollywood Failures and their flacks are single-handedly shaping the written word as we know it. As for Paris’s strategy in the face of yet another online debacle? Fashion not function. A highly publicized outing with her best friend, purely for PR purposes, and have a look – not an inch of skin showing. The most demure and conservative of ensembles deliberately chosen to brave the storm, all part of an overall plan to weather the scandal: no clubbing, no calling X17 and telling them to meet her at her house for late night party pics, nothing but “work” and maybe even a little volunteering. Snort. Anyway, ever the savvy manipulator, Paris is grudgingly complying with the ground rules, finding an outlet for her nasty streak on the set of her new straight to video release. Rumour has it she’s been flirting her tits off with her co-star, making him hot, and then playing his messages back to a jealous Greek Stav. I also hear her feud with Mischa Barton is getting uglier. Word is, even though she hasn’t a hope in hell, Paris seems to be hellbent on going after scripts that Mischa is considering. Again, I’m told it would never happen but supposedly Paris seems to take pleasure in making Mischa feel like she could actually compete. And the Hollywood skanks go ‘round and ‘round. Attached – for your viewing pleasure, a Hilton journal entry, remind herself not to use drugs and throw after eating – thanks Jindi. TMZ