In yesterday’s article about Cisco Adler and Mischa Barton, I wrote the following about Hollywood Ebola: Paris meanwhile is still keeping a low profile, trying to ride out the storm before raging back stronger than ever…which is why Hollywood Ebola is so deadly. It retreats into the rain forest during attack, building resistance until the temperature is ripe for another epidemic. And despite the fact that she had herpes (prescribed medication for it), she is a racist and a gaycist and a generally despicable human being, the Paris Way is to never apologise. ********** However, you will note that in the highlighted section, I referred to Paris and Herpes in the Past Tense, using “had herpes” to denote PAST possession as opposed to ONGOING possession, implying that Paris once was infected and now no longer is. This is WRONG. And my heartfelt thanks and appreciation to all of you who wrote and alerted me to the glaring error. Because the proper tense should have been PRESENT tense. Paris Hilton “HAS” Herpes. Because Herpes is incurable. Herpes can’t be vanquished, herpes – ironically – like Ebola is immortal. And so I apologise for the gross miscarriage of grammar. A thousand apologies. Let’s try this one more time: “And despite the fact that Paris Hilton HAS herpes ( prescribed medication for it ), she is a racist and a gaycist and a generally despicable human being.”