Infecting the gossip scene with her revolting brand of Fame Ebola is one thing, endangering the lives of innocent people is something else, and failing to own up to the responsibility of it is exactly what makes so many Hollywood players beneath contempt. In case you haven"t heard, Paris Hilton was arrested for Wednesday night for DUI, pulled over because she was "driving erratically" and a field sobriety test afterwards concluded that she was over the legal limit. But here"s where it gets insulting - as you would expect, her rep quickly issued a statement, saying she had had only one margarita at a charity function and the resulting effect was that she drank it on an empty stomach, having worked all day on a video set. Ohhhhh...that"s rich, y"all. Paris drinks and drives because she"s such a dedicated performer and when she"s NOT performing dedicatedly, she just happens to be exercising her philanthropic heart - the heiress who gives the mostest...right? Please. You don"t need me to pontificate on the issue but I think it"s safe to say that hiding the seriousness of her transgression behind professional diligence and personal charity is just about as low as you can go, and showing absolutely no remorse or contrition for a potentially lethal lapse in judgment illustrates yet again that all too often, young punk celebrities believe they"re allowed to operate by a different set of rules, especially little bitches like Paris Hilton. Here"s to hoping she gets publicly crucified over this - as unlikely as that may be. After all, if porn, racism, and a complete lack of talent couldn"t bury her, why will this occasion be any different? Anyway, here"s an old classic - Paris dragging on a curious little ciggie a few years ago. And this is what 12 year olds are aspiring to these days. Goddess help us all.