Thanks to Julia in Germany - it"s nice to get an alternate perspective, especially since Paris keeps bragging that she gets to charge up to a million dollars per appearance in Europe and Asia, leaving the rest of us to wonder - who the f&ck would pay that kind of money to see Hollywood Ebola? Well, the Austrian marketing arm behind a brand of prosecco (sparkling wine in a CAN!!!) paid for Paris to promote the product last week during Oktoberfest - that much we know. What we didn"t know was that the head of the Munich tourism board kiboshed the Paris appearance, much to the delight of locals and regular citizens, which meant that Paris"s sponsors had to find another venue to showcase their wine and after scrambling for a Plan B, they ended up finally securing their display in a hicktown supermarket in the outskirts of Munich - not exactly high end on Hilton terms. The German press had a field day with this as well, as the word for "can" is also slang for p&ssy and so the headlines last week about "Paris opening her cans" in one of the country"s biggest papers is a reassuring sign that her stench is just as offensive on the continent as it is in the colonies, though it wasn"t sold to us that way, was it? And speaking of stench - here"s Paris in Vegas over the weekend, celebrating the 1 year anniversary of Tao by hiking up her dress and showing off her pink panties. She also treats us to a free shot of her ass which, from this vantage point, is really quite lovely and - worse yet - cellulite free. Photo source