First things first… text messaging like mad from readers at LAX. Rachel McAdams arrived today – pink hair still present and accounted for.


Needless to say, the hysterical McGoslings are losing their sh-t over her absence during Oscar weekend. Anxiety and lunacy reign supreme, Notebook fans in a full on panic about potential distress…here’s an email I received from someone who refers to her/himself only as – McGosling Forever:

Lainey, I find it hard to believe she was working like you said and couldn’t come with him. What is she working? And no one believes that she couldn’t get a tick to the Oscars so what are you covering up? please tell us, please tell us what went wrong! ******************* ‘K, seriously…y’all need to chill.

And is it any wonder why they hate being in the spotlight?

I have no idea what she’s working on. All I can tell you is that they are still together. I repeat – they are STILL TOGETHER. She has rejoined him in Los Angeles, they will likely hang out at his restaurant after hours, and they will try to avoid the pappies and the crazies.

As for the ticket issue – my understanding is that you’re only given 2. Can you ask for more? Absolutely. But for a guy who claimed he wasn’t all that excited to begin with, who was more excited because his mom and his sister were excited, who is an actor’s actor who didn’t campaign, who doesn’t want the fanfare – is Ryan Gosling really the kind of guy who would make a special request to the Academy for an extra ticket? I’m told he didn’t bother, and Rachel didn’t care…and THAT is why you didn’t see her.

But it IS fascinating isn’t it? One the one hand Tom and Katie – a relationship validated through the lens of the celebrity photographer, parading their love and eliciting our disbelief in the process. On the other hand Ryan and Rachel. A legitimate relationship without the creepy confines of Xenu, played out in private and precluding them from the scorn normally reserved for cult members and Paris Hilton…but still it’s not enough. If so much as 2 weeks go by without some kind of sighting it’s widespread paranoia.

McGoslings – you need to chill. They are FINE. Totally, totally fine.