Is sh-t. And assholes too.

THIS is what Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie have to resort to to get ratings on their pathetic Simple Life. The two are doing press for it right now and reveal that they spend some time on the new season of the show at a “wellness camp” for youth where one of the steps to healthy living happens to be an enema.

Which means that Paris and Nicole had to administer the enemas. Hilarity supposedly ensues. And they are talking about it because they want you to watch. They want you to watch Hollywood Ebola sticking her finger up someone else’s ass. This is what her career has come to.

Quality television. And sadly, millions will actually watch.

Good taste is dead, see?

Here are the two idiots at a press conference the other day – beside Nicole, Paris looks like Hagrid next to Harry…especially obviously waaaaaaaaaay less cute.