Some exclusive dirt on Hollywood Ebola.

Last week – a photo shoot spanning a few days at her house for German GQ and her own clothing line (WTF??? – more on that later). Apparently she has huge, huge, huge portraits of herself hanging from the walls.

For the most part, am told she was super nice. Too nice. Nice to the point of suspicion. Having worked with her before and having been slapped by her bitch several times before, members of the crew were taken aback. And obviously, knowing of her recent trials and tribulations, most took her newfound amicability to be insincere…especially after Thursday.

The shoot was scheduled to begin at 10am. Then pushed to noon. But she supposedly only showed at 2pm…FOUR HOURS late. When she arrived though, they still couldn’t get to work as I’m hearing she was allegedly so f&cked out of her tree she could barely stand – totally wasted. So then one of her handlers stepped in and locked her in the bathroom. A few short minutes later, she emerged a changed person: bubbly, glassy-eyed, full of energy.

Someone got a bump, non?

As for the actual photos: GQ snapped her in a variety of lingerie poses, some with a teddy bear. Weak.

Re: her own clothing line – word is, the clothes aren’t even remotely close to ready so rumour has it, they have to be photoshopped into the images later. More weak.

Here’s Paris in Malibu this weekend, uncoordinated as ever with shimmer cream spread all over her gangly body seemingly completely unaware of the presence of photographers.

So while Natalie Portman is advocating for wildlife in Africa, on top of her humanitarian efforts to help women from developing countries, and while Colin Farrell is busy donating $100,000 to build a school in Uganda, Ebola continues to pollute California, doing nothing but what she does best… NOTHING.

All this in spite of claiming to have turned over a philanthropic new leaf post-prison.

And can you believe there were actually two or three people who emailed me convinced she had changed???


Paris Hilton changed???

Bitch… please!!!