Last week’s beach excursion with Hollywood Ebola could have been explained away as work for his documentary. I guess. Since then though Adrian Grenier has been out with Paris Hilton two more times, including last night at some Art Gallery opening. And there is no way he’s going to turn around and stick a knife in her back when his little film comes out. No way.

So if you ask me, it’s inexcusable. Soiling your own name by association with Paris Hilton, giving her yet another photo opportunity, yet another reason to smile smugly and lord her disease over everyone else… it’s not only inexcusable, it’s downright insulting.

Time to write off Adrian Grenier, gossips. I’m sorry. I know many of you love him. But he’s been infected. It’s too late. Her virus is too strong. And remember and watch: Ebola destroys everything in her path.

For Adrian, it"s downhill from here. Disaster looms.