Hollywood Ebola Paris Hilton showed up at Teddy’s last night with her 18 year old brother Barron. Now that she’s no longer an heiress and Barron no longer an heir, after their grandfather decided to donate the bulk of his fortune to charity, Ebola is charged with grooming her youngest sibling for his very own career in famewhoring, which is why he tagged along last night – you will note Barron was born with that unmistakable rich-boy beat-me-face… the one Chuck Bass does so well on Gossip Girl.

Never one to miss an opportunity to leach off someone else’s spotlight, Paris also offered her comments on what went down with Britney.

“(I’m) hoping she will get better, get some help and do better in 2008”… this just two days after trying to f&ck Britney’s ex husband in Vegas, to say nothing of the fact she infected Britney last year, kicking off 12 months of chicken fried turmoil.

See? Hollywood Ebola always gets her victim.

Photos from Wenn