She infected her own movie – only 20 people went to see it. And everything else has permanently stalled. As such, Hollywood Ebola Paris Hilton is grasping at straws, desperately resorting to the lamest cockamamie schemes for attention.

Last week, after dating for an hour, she and Benji Madden professed their sudden, undying love. No one cared. So now she’s taken with a shaman and has hired him to bless her. In public. In front of the paps. Can you believe this sh*t is for real???

Check it out – Ebola and the Shaman at a bookstore, then stopping at a coffee shop where he proceeded to read to her from The Path to the Painted Shaman. Because one always finds spirituality when faced with a wall of photographers laughing their asses off at your latest stunt on the patio of a café in West Hollywood.

Buddha works in mysterious ways.

Of course Ebola wore white for the occasion, accented by nude coloured fishnets and big boaty white pumps. It has the ugliest legs ever.

How much was this man paid to impersonate a shaman? Can you imagine the karmic consequences that can result from this kind of exploitation and disrespect? You don’t f&ck with religion…

Finally, gossips. Finally Ebola has doomed herself.

PS. After her "lesson" Ebola apparently gave away the diamond necklace she was wearing to a random passerby. Give me a f&cking break!

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