Check out this set of photos of Ebola and her new boyfriend at amfAR last night.

Oooops! I dropped my bracelet! It was like, a total accident! It was on my…and now its…oh wait...he's not picking it up for me! But I’m such a lady and I’ve found myself such a fine man!?!

Dude looks confused in the couple of shots that follow. Don’t get me wrong. While I’ve kinda let the whole opening the car door thing slip over the years (actually, probably 2 weeks into our courtship…but I digress), if my lady drops something at the photo wall of an event I’m picking it up. But with Lainey, I know she didn’t do it on freakin’ purpose!  So I think this guy gets a pass here.  Either that or he didn't have time to compute everything and it all happened too fast for him.

Check out her expression in the first shot if we can play a little photo assumption and tell me it was an accident. Perhaps it was all intended to draw our attention away from the space costume she decided to wear to the event. Am I wrong?

Written by Jacek
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