Lainey Posted by Lainey at June 9, 2008 05:46:03 June 9, 2008 05:46:03

It’s a day late but since I don’t post on weekends, pretend it’s June 8th and play along.

Do you remember what happened a year ago? Do you remember the happiest, smuttiest, best day ever??? Do you remember laughing at your desk? Running with joy down the halls? High fiving your colleagues?

It was a Friday, I think. I was at eTalk in studio at the Masonic Temple. For the rest of the afternoon it was like we were on a sugar high. And I remember at the time, I remember posting on the blog that we needed to enjoy it. To savour the moment. Because Ebola is invincible. And somehow she’d find a way to victimise more people, to infect more of the innocent.

As you know, it didn’t take long.

But we will always have June 8th. And we will always have this photo.

Hollywood Ebola Paris Hilton being hauled back to jail by Rocky and ordered to serve her full sentence.

Happy Anniversary!

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