And finally… the best moment of the year. Could there really be another moment to top this? Did we all not stand up and cheer and cackle and get rip roaring drunk on June 8th when Rocky Delgadillo hauled Ebola’s diseased ass back to jail?

Let’s recap the best day ever, shall we?

So Paris is in jail. And rumour has it, her herpes gets so outta control she gets a doctor to recommend that she serve the rest of her sentence at home. This displeases Rocky. So Rocky calls up a judge and demands she be dragged back to court and sends a few squad cars over to her house to pick her up.

This is the photo that made us all so happy.

And then in court when they ruled she had to go back to prison, Ebola cried out for her mommy and was heard sobbing down the hall as they took her away.

Of course she is a free virus now. More powerful than ever. Which is why at the time, I called for us all to enjoy it while we could. To revel in her misery. And so we did. And it was good.

Happy New Year!!!