Not that there was any doubt but there are always one or two random losers… one or two who probably believed yesterday that Ebola’s little public excursion at the weekend with a shaman represented a genuine metamorphosis from virus to redeemable human.


Paris Hilton will always be a disease.

And that shaman turned out to be an actor. With his very own MySpace page, recruited by Ebola for a photo opp because her bare cooch doesn’t do it anymore.

In many cultures, shamans are revered and honoured figures who provide guidance and wisdom and sometimes healing. And for the sake of getting her picture taken, Hollywood Ebola Paris Hilton hired an shaman impersonator. Respek!

Here’s Ebola and her new twatty beau shopping yesterday clad from head to toe in his designs, dooming his business to certain failure. Benji Madden has killed his career. Brava.