Ebola has a hate on for the Olsens and it looks like she will stop at nothing to trump the twins. Is it because they’re richer than she is? As you know, Paris is no longer an heiress. At least not in the truest sense of the word. As you also know, the Olsen Twins are richer than stink – worth a reported billion dollars.

And so you must remember Greek Stav. Mary Kate was deeply in love with Greek Stav. They were photographed on holiday hopping on a trampoline together, Mary Kate newly recovering from anorexia rehab… and then Ebola opened her legs, sucking Stav into her black hole vag.

MK was heartbroken, Stav was eternally infected, Paris Hilton was victorious.

Now it appears she’s at it again.

You’ll recall, I was the first to report that Ashley Olsen and Jared Leto hooked up two weeks ago at the Art of Elysium event. But Jared is at Sundance. And Ebola is at Sundance. And Page Six is reporting that this weekend, Ebola tried to maul him with her virus at a party, no doubt aware of his Olsen claim.

Not confirmed as yet whether or not Jared is a new victim. Will Ebola kill Jared Leto? And how will the Olsens deal with this new attack? Can the Olsens deal with this new attack? Or is Ebola too potent?

Go Team Olsen.

Here’s Ebola at Sundance the other day getting a whiff of her own venereal stank.

Photos from Wenn.com